Embrace Your Femininity & Flow

In this 5-week, self paced truly transformational course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of your feminine menstrual health, science-based tools to support your cycle and proven ways to bring flow into your life through following your body’s natural rhythms.

The course is from women just like you! Loving up on their bodies and honoring their natural cycles while following and flowing with the whispers of their heart.

What you´ll receive:

  • Menstrual Classes

    to learn ways to naturally support your cycle through modern research & ancient teachings

  • Guided Meditations

    to rejuvenate your heart & soul

  • Movement Classes

    to love up on your body

  • Nutrition Classes

    to support hormonal & feminine menstrual health

  • Moon Magic

    to understand how your body is connected to the natural moon cycles

  • Sacred Tasks

    to deeply root within yourself through your cycle

  • Cycle & Mood Tracker

    monthly cycle & mood tracker PDF charts


    PachaMama´s plant-based recipe book

Your Investment: $167

3% of your Investment will be donated to support feminine menstrual health.

Flow with your feminine menstrual health <3

So my Dear,

are you ready to soften, slow down and fill yourself up with self love & connect to your feminine menstrual health?

If you’re not sure. Ask yourself one question. Are you overwhelmed, feel alone in this journey, are consistently running into utter fatigue at the end of each month?

If the answer is yes, we promise embracing your feminine cycle will allow you to live the life of your dreams, with more grace & ease while still being deeply rooted in yourself.

If you are ready for this new way of being, there are two choices we make every day, that you can make today, too. We encourage it!

First, choose to honor your feminine menstrual health.

We now choose every day to eat, move, socialize, rest and work in a way that honors our feminine flow.

Our bodies feel more loved and nurtured than they ever, ever have before.
Are you finally ready to feel at ease and naturally beautiful in your body?

Second, choose sisterhood support.

We now choose every day to show up as a sisterhood. We listen to our cycle and honor when it’s time for each of us to rest and when it’s time to work. When it’s time for some of us to go inward & when it’s time to show up fully in the world. Having one another as support both in life & work makes following the whispers of our hearts feel far more natural, sustainable and nourishing.
Are you ready to be supported and part of a beautiful sisterhood?


If you’d like to make these changes for yourself and live with more flow & ease join.

We are here with you. Let’s do this together.

Yes, Yes!

I’m Ready for flow & sisterhood.

Meet your PachaMama Teachers

PachaMama Temple-Teacher

Mary Sarah

Co-Founder & Movement Teacher

Mary Sarah, or MS, our spirited, fiery and playful teacher and co-founder of PachaMama Temple. She is the visionary behind PachaMama Temple and wants to see women of all ages, across the world love up on their bodies, embrace themselves fully and zealously follow the whispers of their heart. With a passion for anatomy & physiology, movement and feminine form Ayurvedic medicine she teaches women how to feel wonderful in their beautiful body. Sign up for a course with her here. If you are a woman-owned business and would like to collaborate with PachaMama Temple and see all women follow the whispers of their heart with more flow & less fatigue reach out to MS at hello@thepachamamatemple.com.

PachaMama Temple Teacher- feminine menstrual health


Co-Founder & Feminine Business Coach

Lou, or Mama Lou, is our gorgeous women's business coach and PachaMama Temple co-founder from Germany. With the sincerest motherly energy, she makes sure every woman that comes into the temple feels seen, heard, supported and loved. She is an angel on this Earth and the guardian angel of the PachaMama team. Lou is a women's business coach and graphics & web designer. Her passion for supporting and growing successful, women-owned businesses will make any woman stand in her power and create the life of her dreams. As a menstrual health coach and avid astrology reader she encourages women to show up to their dreams and do their life's work, but in a soft, loving and feminine way. If you own your own business, or lead a team of women and want to build a profitable and successful business while embracing your feminine energy Lou is your woman. Schedule a consultation with her at lou@lacreativestudio.com.

PachaMama Temple-Teacher-feminine menstrual health


Embodiment Coach & Energy Healer

Samantha, or Sam, is our beautiful teacher from Scotland. Currently residing in the lovely Portugal. A mentor for women desiring to awaken their feminine wisdom and a leader in menstrual health she is an absolute gift to all of us here at PachaMama Temple. Through somatic & shamanic arts, sacred self pleasure and embodiment work she supports women to come back into their bodies with LOVE! If you’d like to experience a journey of awakening your feminine energy and embodiment schedule a consultation with Sam at hello@samheaney.com.

PachaMama Temple-Teacher


Nutrition Specialist & Yogini

Lindsay is our loving, adventurous, spirited storyteller and teacher from South Africa. The founder of Blend Out, a natural juice bar + service in her local community, she supports women on their journey to vibrant health with a sense of joy + play! We are filled with joy having her with us on the team at PachaMama Temple. An integrative health coach and yoga teacher with a love for natural living and eating to nourish a woman’s body she guides women to feeling BEAUTIFUL in their own skin. If you’d like to create a loving and healthy relationship with food and your body in a very holistic and joyful way, connect for a consultation with Lindsay at blendouthealth@gmail.com.


Step into the PachaMama Temple a School of Femininity & Flow, follow the whispers of your heart with MORE flow, LESS fatigue.