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School of Femininity & Flow

Hi Yogini!

Would you like to learn practical ways supported by ancient wisdom and modern science to nurture your body so you too can do all the things you’re here to do while still embracing your beautiful, natural self and feminine nature?!

Yes – I’m ready to embrace my feminine flow & love up on my body!

PachaMama Temple- School of Femininity & Flow -feminine menstrual health

We encourage you to embrace your feminine nature and nourish your body so you can connect deeply to yourself.

A life of flow & ease in your work and way of being starts right here at PachaMama Temple - The School of Femininity & Flow.

Start here, my dear, the Signature Foundations Course is for you to learn the fundamentals of your menstrual cycle.

If you're not sure what all this menstrual health is about here are some possible signs that your cycle could use your love.

you suffer from digestive issues, migraines, menstrual cramp, irregular periods or hormonal imbalance
you're experiencing unwanted weight change, mood swings or acne
you are often depleted, fatigued or experience sleeplessness

If this is how you feel. Overwhelmed. Tired. Ready to give up. Take it from us, this is a good place to be.

Why? Because it brought you to the place where you are now…
Ready to love up on your beautiful body once and for all. Jai ho!

PachaMama Temple-School of Femininity & Flow - feminine menstrual health

School of Femininity & Flow <3

It’s time to embrace your Femininity & Flow with it, my dear!

When you make the choice to learn your cycle and live in a way that supports a woman’s natural physiology, your way of being will be one of more ease and less fatigue.

Instead of showing up fully to everyone else, it’s time to Show Up Fully to yourself, don’t you think?

Start here, my dear, Our Signature Foundations Course in our School of Femininity & Flow was created with you in mind (& heart).

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Step into the PachaMama Temple a School of Femininity & Flow, follow the whispers of your heart with MORE flow, LESS fatigue.